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Harrier Tank

Size Guide


Chest 32"
Front 23.25"
Back 24.5"


Chest 34"
Front 24"
Back 25"


Chest 36"
Front 24.5"
Back 25.5"


Chest 38"
Front 25.25"
Back 26.25"

All measurements are garment sizing


We launched our Harrier tops in 2014 and they quickly became the training staple Tracksmith employees swear by. We’ve made minor upgrades over the years, but this spring sees the biggest evolution yet. We upgraded the fabric to a lightweight 94% merino, 6% elastane blend and refreshed the line in new colors.


When it comes to performance fabrics, merino wool is a freak of nature. If you’ve never worn it before, you’re in for a revelation. A natural, surprisingly soft fiber that regulates temperature, even when drenched with sweat, it’s practically impervious to odor. We love merino in spring - it’s the ideal material to beat the chill of early mornings and transition through the warmth after sunrise.


There’s an old New England springtime saying, “It won't be warm till the snow gets off the mountain, and the snow won't get off the mountain till it gets warm." The days are longer, but not yet warm. Snow lingers on the road, but the sun shines brighter. Our legs feel lighter, but not yet fast. Still, we know the speed will come. Spring is just the starting point.


Formal cross country traces its history to the 19th century and an English game called Hares & Hounds. It's how runners earned the nickname, “Harriers.”

We were inspired by these hardy racers to craft our Harrier collection - training tops designed to withstand whatever coach or Mother Nature throw your way.

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