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Hare A.C. Membership

 Hare A.C. membership is offered on an annual basis  (starting from the date of purchase) and gives members an opportunity to join a global community with a number of benefits and opportunities.

You will be required to create an account at checkout for access to exclusive Hare A.C. members-only product. 



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Introducing Hare A.C.

Hare A.C. is a global community of passionate, performance-minded runners with exclusive access to rewards, events, content and other member benefits. Members of Hare A.C. live, work, and train in all corners of the globe, brought together by a desire to connect, compete and explore running culture. They are on the inside lane for all of our most anticipated product releases, exclusive experiences and enjoy direct access to the Tracksmith team.

Become a Member

Hare A.C. membership is offered on an annual basis (starting from the date of purchase.) Upon joining, new members receive a team kit complete with the official Hare A.C. Van Cortlandt singlet, a keepsake membership number, welcome letter, and a limited edition annual training log (shipping separately before each new calendar year).

Membership is club, crew and team agnostic. No matter your affiliation on race day, we invite you to join this global community of like-minded athletes.


If you have questions about Hare A.C. or if you'd like to gift someone a membership, please do reach out to the team at