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Size Guide



Chest 32 - 34" 35 - 37" 38 - 40" 41 - 43" 44 - 46"
Natural Waist 28 - 30" 29 - 31" 32 - 34" 35 - 37" 38 - 40"
Hip 31 - 33" 34 - 36" 37 - 39" 40 - 42" 43 - 45"


  XS S M L  
Chest 30 - 32" 32 - 34" 34 - 36" 36 - 38"  
Natural Waist 23 - 25" 25 - 27" 27 - 29" 29 - 31"  
Hip 32 - 34" 34 - 36" 36 - 38" 38 - 40"  
Dress Size 00 0 - 2 4 - 6 8 - 10  

Garment Measurements


Chest 31"
Front Length 22.5"
Back Length 23.25"


Chest 37"
Front Length 26"
Back Length 26.75"

Chest 33"
Front Length 24"
Back Length 24.75"


Chest 39"
Front Length 26.5"
Back Length 27.25"

Chest 35"
Front Length 24.5"
Back Length 25.25"


Chest 41"
Front Length 27"
Back Length 27.75"

Chest 37"
Front Length 25.25"
Back Length 26"


Chest 43"
Front Length 27.5"
Back Length 28.25"

Hare A.C.

Hare A.C. is a global community for runners and provides exclusive benefits, rewards, experiences and innovative race challenges. Guided by the competitive spirit that all runners share, Hare A.C.’s mission is to inspire and invigorate a passion for racing. 

Hare A.C. Race Singlet & Welcome Kit
Eligible For Annual PR Bonus (Including Virtual Race PRs)
Exclusive Access to Hare A.C. Products
Early Access to New Product Drops & Limited-Edition Collections
Private Slack Channel With Other Members
Special Events, Including Digital Talking Running Panels
Concierge Customer Service & Coaching Advice

A Racing Community

Tracksmith was born out of a passion for racing and the camaraderie of being on a team. These shared experiences - the unforgettable workouts, hard fought victories and inside jokes - enrich our engagement with the sport and heighten our humanity. These are the moments we crave and the reason we return to running over and over again.

Hare A.C. is a global community for runners, providing exclusive benefits, rewards, experiences and innovative race challenges to its members. Hare A.C. is club, crew and team agnostic. No matter your affiliation, we invite you to join this community of like-minded athletes.

Insider Status

Hare A.C. membership is offered on an annual basis. Upon joining, members receive a Team Kit complete with the official Hare A.C. singlet, bib number, welcome letter and more.

As members of Hare A.C. and the Tracksmith family, you’ll receive access to our global community, rewards, events and content, as well as the following benefits:

Annual PR Bonus

Members of Hare A.C. are eligible for our annual PR Bonus. Run a verified PR* while wearing Tracksmith and submit your results for a $100 gift card. Members, submit your PR Bonus here.

* With the cancellation of many official races, at this time we are also awarding the annual PR Bonus for virtual races and time trials. If members run a new personal best, verified by GPS, and comparable to a previous race performance from an official race, they are now also eligible to redeem the annual $100 PR Bonus.

Members-Only Hare A.C. Product

Show Hare A.C. pride in limited-edition pieces only available to members.

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Insider Access

Hare A.C. members receive early access to limited-edition collections, including our Marathon Collections, and are kept in the know about our latest product releases and collaborations before they are made generally available to the public. 

Hare A.C. members are given early access to our annual once-a-year Silver Medal sale, featuring an assortment of our classic styles, limited edition pieces, and more, all at discounted prices. 

Connect With the Community

Members are invited to join our virtual Talking Running series, which features roundtable discussions with experts in the field of running, hosted by Athlete Experience Manager and two-time Olympic medalist Nick Willis.

Hare A.C. members are invited to join our private Hare A.C. Slack channel. This channel gives members the opportunity to communicate with other members around the world on anything from training tips to gear recommendations to linking up for a long run.

Support & Training

Members of Hare A.C. have exclusive access to our concierge team, here to answer any questions related to products, training, or events. Through the concierge team, Hare A.C. members can also connect with our Community team including Nick Willis, Mary Cain and Lou Serafini for training advice and insider tips 


If you have questions about Hare A.C. or if you'd like to gift someone a membership, please do reach out to the team at

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